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As Christmas eve fast approaches, and walking through an unexpected pregnancy with my 20-year-old daughter.  I am thinking more of Mary and her feelings and thoughts surrounding her pregnancy and Jesus’ birth than I ever have before.

While I  have not found Mary’s age listed in scripture.  Theologians  have speculated she was between 13 – 15 years old.  Unmarried, and pregnant; in a society where it was not tolerated or accepted! I can’t help but wonder God’s thought process for this type of pregnancy and birth.

As I align the situation in my home with that of my Saviors birth,  it becomes clear.  Our savior came to heal those who are broken hearted and to set the captives free.  Even through such a situation as ours.

We are only 7 weeks into this pregnancy, and not only do I see physical changes in our daughter, but emotional and spiritual changes as well.  God can and will use all things to His glory!  While I recognize this isn’t God’s design for babies…I do realize he allowed this situation in our daughter’s life.  As scripture shows us God gives life and takes it away.  There is no doubt God has a specific plan and purpose for our daughter and grandchild.  We, like Mary need to have unwavering faith and perseverance and trust God for things we can’t see, as we journey through this time in our life.