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P6130205_editedWe had a first in our lives on June 13, 2009.  We were privileged to watch our daughter marry her soul mate.  Our oldest daughter became the wife to a man she had dated for 6 years, 6 months and 6 days.  Who actually proposed to her on their 5 years, 5 months and fifth day anniversary of dating.  With 5 dozen roses, no less!!

As my children were growing up, I wondered and prayed about the mates they would some day marry.   Speculated on the kind of home their future mates were growing up in.  Praying the mate was being raised with the same morals, and value system in which we were raising our children. 

Then rehearsal dinner came for our daughter and future husband.  Lights dimmed and the DVD started.  In picture after picture, our daughters life seemed to parallel that of her fiancé’s. Even throughout the junior and senior high years when they were mainly friends hanging around with the same group of kids, the pictures seemed to reassure me this was God’s pick for our daughter.    

The wedding music started and when I turned to sit in the pew at the church designated for the “Mother of the Bride”, I was overcome with a mixture of emotions.  Excitement and joy for our daughter and her husband, sorrow for not only the years gone by to fast but also, the grandparents who were taken to soon and not able to be apart of this special day, humor as the aisle flooded with our other children and pride as I saw my husband “giving away” his little girl to her soul mate, who now is responsible to love, honor and cherish one of our five biggest blessings!