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Last week, as I sat on the couch reading through these old blogs; Trevor looked over my shoulder.  After asking what I was reading, he had to share with Aubreah  I had a blog.  Then the two of them thought it was hilarious that my blog wasn’t public. Of course, being the Smith kids; they couldn’t let it stop there.  They had to share with their siblings Mom had a blog, which she read to herself.

Ok.  I will admit, it does sound rather corny.  A blog, which no one else can read or comment on.  With that being said, here’s to Trevor and Aubreah!  Gracie’s Blog is going public.

In going public, does it mean I have to get the kids permission to share stories about their lives as well as mine.  Will they be up to the challenge of letting all of you read about our lives?  Will they decide a few weeks or month from now that Gracie’s blog should have never made an appearance on the web?

I remember one parent teacher conference years ago. Since Jim teaches, I have had the opportunity to sit in front of teachers and hear about the Smith kids shenanigans for years by myself.  This particular year was no different.  I honestly don’t even remember the teacher,  I just remember the conversation and the child.  After the teacher had told me about Aubreah’s class room work,  she didn’t miss a beat when she told me our family had no secrets.  Aubreah loved to share what happened at home in the classroom.  I didn’t have the nerve to ask what exact secrets Aubreah had shared with her and the entire class.  There have been times in my life which I realize somethings are just better left unknown.  This was one of those times!

Now the Smith kids mom is blogging and they are pressing it to go public.   Will those of you who become regular readers tell my children that our family have no secrets?  Will the kids realize too that somethings are just better left to the unknown……