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Like myself these days, this blog is  a work in progress.  After going public with the blog, I decided to make some changes.  Changes which more show my lifestyle today versus the date of the original blog.

Like me though, the changes are not coming easy.  Personally, I am fighting old habits which I have allowed to hold me back from God’s calling on my life for a number of years.  As crazy as this might sound, the blog work is the same way. 

Today I have struggled for over an hour with changing the look and photos in the blog.  As you can see, I am certainly not there yet!  Isn’t it just a beautiful set up and theme now?  Yet, on the right in the middle of  charming widgets  is this ugly purple blemish.  Where is my exquisite silver antique pocket watch?  silver antique clock

Some days ok lately it has been most days,  this is how I feel.  God is doing some changing and rearranging in my heart and life.  I can feel the changes within.  I believe He is working in me and developing a “beautiful set up and theme.”  Yet, there are still those ugly purple blemishes.  Try as I might to change them into  the exquisite attributes I am desiring and God is requiring, I am just not there yet.

I’ll admit now I am a bit frustrated at this blog.  Ok.  At myself. Why can’t I  hit the correct change button and get the gravatar to alter the blemish into an exquisite clock?  Or is it more, why can’t I hit the change button in my heart and transform my blemishes more to the attributes of God?

When my children were little,  there was a tape we listened to and one of  my favorite songs was “He’s still working on Me”  by Joe Hemphill. 

Today, the answer for myself is found in this song.

When searching the web for this chorus, I ran across the verses as well.  Verse one I feel is actually a bit more accurate then the chorus and will help me “lighten” up a little as I continue to work on the needed changes in my heart.

Verse 1:  “There really ought to be a sign upon the heart,
Don’t judge her yet, there’s an unfinished part.
But I’ll be perfect just according to His plan
Fashioned by the Master’s loving hands.”

Chorus:  ““He’s still working on me to make me what I ought to be.
It took Him just a week to make the moon and stars,
The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.
How loving and patient He must be, He’s still working on me.”

As I patiently learn more about the settings and how to use this blog.  I hope the blog becomes more pleasing to my readers’.   My personal wish is to learn more about my Savior and how to work  in ways which are pleasing to him. Until that time,  let’s both remember…….”He’s still working on me!”