Holy Ghost Ranch 024Last week God changed my life.

 God set these changes in motion when the opportunity to attend the CLASSeminar Christian Writers Conference presented itself through the CLASS Communiqué in August.  At that time, I searched the website and saw the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.  I emailed my husband and asked if I could apply for the scholarship to attend.  (I admit, I am not always submissive. ) Yes, came back the reply.  I wrote my letter and asked a friend/colleague to write a reference letter for me.  Emailed them along with a prayer, then I began to wait and pray.

 The answered prayer came in the form of an email.  While I was screaming with excitement about receiving the scholarship, my husband was wondering what I was talking about.  He had forgotten the email he replied to weeks before.  Or did he remember but couldn’t believe I was actually going to attend a writers conference?

 God placed the dream of being a writer/speaker on my heart years ago.  Just within the last eight months, I began to share with people my plan to write  a book about what my family had walked through.  With verbalizing my dream,  some people looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Though to me, the scholarship was confirmation there was a book to be written.

 The day arrives for me to go at the Ghost Ranch and CLASSeminar Christians Writers Conference.  I should have known God had more planned for me than I could ever ask or imagine.  He always does, doesn’t He?  Once the writers began to assembly at the Albuquerque Airport, it was apparant something bigger was about to happen.Holy Ghost Ranch 135

 Oh, those six days filled me with masses of information on the art of writing.   I was introduced to editors and professionals who know the writing business inside- out.   The groundwork has been laid to begin a writing career.  Not only was I  introduced to some pro’s,  He brought into my life wonderful Godly people.  Individuals who were once strangers, but now friends. 

Yet something else happened there.  Through awesome keynote speakers and devotional time, God revealed ugliness in my heart which desperately needed some technical assistance!  He spent the week chiseling away at unforgiveness, bitterness, hidden pride and self-pity.  God didn’t leave me there though.  After the circumcision on my heart, He revealed His love for me.  Perhaps with all the ugliness chiseled away; I feel God’s love in a way I have never felt before.  God knew many years ago I needed time at the Ranch to prepare my heart before I could walk out this calling He has on my life.

 As far as writing the book, this remains unanswered.  I left this dream along with some of my others at the Altar on Saturday night in New Mexico.   With my new found love from and for God, I am praying and waiting and waiting and praying.  (Right Gerry!)  More than writing a book, I want to radically live out God’s will for my life.  So with this change, I begin the next chapter in my life.