This blog is entering a new era.  Starting today, three days a week will be theme days. 

  • Sunday Rerun, highlighting my Pastors sermon for the day in my own words! 

  • Manic Monday, random thoughts about random events happening in our world.

  • Friday Droll, even God shows his humor and Fridays are for fun in an oddly amusing type of way.

The first of Friday Droll….Flushing my Friends 

Nestled in the box cannon at Ghost Ranch is an adobe building, which houses the Social Center and Cantina.  While attending a class at the Social Center for a brief moment I thought I had flushed my friends.   

Prior to leaving for Ghost Ranch, I purchased a cute briefcase business card holder from one of my favorite home town businesses.  I’ll admit I was quite proud of the little holder.  More than the holder though were the treasured business cards of new friends located inside the case.  

On this particular day I arrived at the center early, planning on some personal devotion and reflection time before class.  Once at the building, I set out to do my usual routine.  Restroom stop, hand washing and something to drink.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned.  This was one of those times.  

While in the restroom, turning to flush the toilet I heard a clunk at the bottom of the toilet.  I looked just in time to see the water swirling around with my prized briefcase and business cards.  Forgetting it was in my sweater pocket, it fell out as I leaned over.  Without even a second thought, I reached down and snatched up the little case.  All I could think was I about flushed my new friends down the toilet!   

I quickly ran over to the sink, opened my leather case and tucked inside without a single drop of water (?) on them were all my new friends.  None were wet, nor smelly and most importantly none had swirled down the mesa in a sewage pipe!  Then I got tickled and laughed till I cried.  I looked at the briefcase, those precious faces on the business cards and the toilet!   

Did I really just reach in without a second thought and help save my friends?  What about life? When our friends get dropped in sewage and are swirling around in the muck and mire of life what do we do?  Do we grab them and run to the well of living water or do we allow them to swirl around in the sewage?  Are we willing to help them if their lives get a bit stinky or do we watch from afar and try to avoid the stench?   

After close examination, what did you find?  How are you with those friends who are swirling?  Today,  let’s be diligent in our relationships and intentional when helping friends.  Then together we can laugh till we cry when remembering the sewage God saved us from.