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One of the keynote speakers at CLASSeminar Christian Writers Conference held at the Ghost Ranch was Alex Kendrick.  Alex is a pastor at the Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia.  These days though, he and his brother Stephen are more known for the roles they play in writing, producing and directing the Sherwood pictures.  To date, their credits include Flywheel, Facing the Giants and Fireproof. 

Alex shared the story behind these films.  Really though I should say he shared about God’s work in the producing and distribution of them.  It is clear Alex and the rest of Sherwood Baptist Church don’t take their “calling” lightly.  The film projects are bathed in prayer.  In Alex’s own words, there is “a season of prayer” prior to the development of each film.  Because of this, they are not only seeing wildly successful Christian movies in the marketplace;  but more importantly, they hear of heart and life changes.

For people like me who have become  “Sherwood” groupies, the announcement of their new film is thrilling.  My observation is once again, God has directed Alex and Stephen in their decision on the story line for this film. If that is the case, Kendricks, and the rest of Sherwood Baptist are sure to see results like they have with their other films.

Here is the press release: courageous

“The movie is about fatherhood and the title is one word: COURAGEOUS,” Alex Kendrick said, briefly outlining the plot. “Four fathers who are all in law enforcement–who protect and serve together–go through a terrible tragedy,” he said. “They begin looking at their role as fathers . . . and they begin challenging one another to fulfill God’s intention for fathers.”
That single-word title, Pastor Catt said, echoes God’s call for men to “rise with courage” in their homes and as leaders. This at a time when 4 of 10 marriages end in divorce* and more than a third of all children live away from their biological fathers.
“The statistics on fatherless children are devastating,” McBride said. “And because the family is the building block of society, one important place to rebuild families is through fathers who stay and lead and love.”
“God led us,” co-writer and producer Stephen Kendrick said to the audience of church members, many of them volunteer crew, cast, or catering in earlier Sherwood movies. “We believe God is calling men to rise up with strength and with leadership in their homes, with their families and with their children.”
“For more than a year we’ve prayed to be sure that we’re pursuing God’s idea and not our own,” Catt said. “With action, drama, and humor, this film will embrace God’s promise in the Bible to, turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers.”
Nothing more needs to be said!
I couldn’t find a better story with which to start my Manic Monday blog!   Another powerful production by Sherwood Pictures.  One, which no doubt has been ordained by God and will be used to “turn fathers hearts towards home.”