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Like spending time with an old friend, I have missed my writing time the last 10 days.  In life, sometimes I get to preoccupied or busy with tasks and neglect my friends. The first week of December I was in the middle of a project at work, which required alot of my time and energy. Honestly, not only was my blog neglected, but so were my husband, family, friends and home.  Once I completed the project, I thought I would be back to spending time with loved ones, friends and my writing.   

It would be so easy for me to come up with excuses or pass off the real reason why I haven’t blogged, but there is that still small voice proding me to “get real” with my words.  The main reason I haven’t wrote anything for over 10 days is my internal struggle with one of the topics God has laid on my heart to blog about.  As the tagline for my blog states, it is to “encourage, educate and empower women.”   I am beginning to realize  in the education portion of this blog God is asking me to tackle tough topics and discuss personal experience in our lives, which honestly I would rather not. 

2009 has been a year of changes in my life.   I spent a large part of the year kicking and screaming as God pulled me out of comfort zones I had lived in for years.  (Guess he still is. )  For me, comfort zones are those places which are peace and security.  Sometimes, they can become obstacles to what God wants to do in my life.  Which has been the case the last week with this blog, God’s topics and my comfort zones.

Tomorrow of course, will be Sunday rerun.  Starting on Manic Monday, I will stepping way out of my comfort zone,  “Get Real” and  begin the topic I have been avoiding.  Stay tuned as we begin the series on what Chuck Swindoll calls the “#1 Secret Problem in our churches.”