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Two blogs in one day is out of the norm for me. I sense however, I am to Pay It Forward.

Most of you are probably aware of the Pay It Forward movement. If you aren’t, let me briefly explain. Pay It Forward is when someone does something good for you, then you “pay it forward” by doing something good for someone else. Obviously, many of you reading this I don’t know. Yet, I feel God wants me to post this as a “pay it forward” to those of you who need some encouragement today.  

In our rural Kansas church, we are blessed to have gifted musician sharing their talents. This morning, Van Bradley, a country-gospel singer (Click here to see one of his CD’s) sang ” The Anchor Holds.”  Prior to singing, he shared there was another song slated to be sung. When he practiced at the church last night, the CD worked. Yet, this morning before service was to start it did not work. He, by chance had the tape to this song with him and  recognized God wanted him to sing it. 

As soon as Van began to sing, tears flowed onto my cheeks….”I have journey through the long dark night…..His eyes watching me….The Anchor Holds, though the ships been battered.”   I thought back through the last year. In 2009, our family journeyed through a long dark night, and now are through the storm. Both Jim and I can testify even though we were battered and torn… The Anchor Holds!  While Van was singing the words, I couldn’t help but Praise God.!! We survived the storm and soley because of God’s grace, mercy and unfailing love.  Friends~ He wants us to run to him. He longs for us to seek shelter from the storms of  life in his wings. When we do, He proves over and over…The Anchor Holds!

 Like Van knew God wanted to speak to someone through this song, I believe there is one of you reading this who needs to hear it. You are on a  journey and perhaps you are seeing your “dreams slip right through your hands.”  Hang On!  The answer truly lies in falling on our knees and seeking God’s face.  He sees us through as…”The Anchor Holds!”