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I am going to be painstaking honest here. For those of you who don’t know me,  I have trouble with my mouth.  Trouble, not because my teeth are crooked or I have bad breath.  But because more times than not, my foot is in it!

Years ago, God showed me Ephesians 4: 29; “Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God’s favor) to those who hear it.” 

 Even though I know this, there are times I speak words which should not be spoken. I have known for years what God expects as far as my words are concerned.  Yet, this is an area where I still struggle.

 Two weeks ago, we had an evangelist speak at church.  One of the things he shared was that we should not say things about others that we wouldn’t say if they were in the room. His belief is that when we speak ill of others it brings a curse on their lives, even if they don’t know we said it!  Those are pretty powerful words to me.  It is not my desire to curse others because I can’t keep my mouth shut. I want my words to be “good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others.”

 Most of the time, when God reveals to me changes I need to make in my life, the temptations seem to get worse before they get better.  Does that happen to you? This week has been one of those weeks. With the revelation (once again) that I had let my mouth get out of control and I need to “tame my tongue (James 3: 1-6).”  Opportunities have presented themselves, where I could have taken the high road.  I could have and should have not spoken a word! I didn’t though.  I spoke things which are not inline with the kind of women I desire to be. 

 I am blessed with a decent job with good benefits.  It is a secular job which at times can be very political.  I have never been and don’t intend on being political and I certainly don’t strive to be political correct. However, I do want to speak the truth in love when speaking out is necessary. With saying all that, we are in the midst of a big project at work. One which requires many different personalities to work together. You guessed it!  My mouth has been running overtime and it hasn’t been speaking truth in love.  This week I decided to ask two other women who are working on the project with me to keep me accountable with what I say.  They both have agreed to.

 Well, let’s just say I blew it yesterday afternoon. I spouted off. Then got that familiar “thump” from the Holy Spirit.  Oh, I know it was a thump! Some of you just get that still small voice. And sometimes I do too. Seems lately though it has been more thumps. I can’t help but wonder if it is more thumps because, like my mouth; there are areas in my life God and I should not have to continue to revisit! 

God and I revisited the problem I have with my mouth early this morning. I got my wake-up call from God at 3:15 am.  When I get woke up at that time of the morning,  I know either it is to pray for someone or repent for something I did (or said!).  Yep.  This morning it was repent.  As I was once again asking God to forgive me for the things I have said, and to keep a guard at my mouth; He gave me a word picture.  Honestly, I laughed at loud!  It is so me!  Something I could so understand and remember! As I was praying for an angel to keep guard at my lips, God gave me a word picture of an angel with grey tape.  I know it was from God, because it was 3:15 in the morning!

Grey Tape!  Get the picture? I do.  Grey Tape or as some call it duct tape, is the sticky heavy tape which is almost impossible to remove.  While searching online this morning, I found it has been used for everything from household repairs to help repair Apollo 17.  On Wikipedia it states, “The Duck Tape Guys (Jim Berg and Tim Nyberg) coined the phrase, “It Ain’t Broke, It Just Lacks Duct Tape”. Added to that phrase in 1995…If it’s not stuck and it’s supposed to be, duct tape it”.

Ok God, I get it!  If I am not speaking words that “may be a blessing and give grace to those who hear them,”  I need my lips to be stuck together.  Even if it requires duct tape to do so.  While writing this post,  I continue to smile at the word picture.  Can’t you just visualize my angel with a roll of duct tape getting close to my mouth?

 Remember how much it hurts to pull off a bandage that has been stuck. Can you imagine how grey tape being pulled off your mouth would hurt?  It just might cause a bit of discomfort in your life! That is the point God is trying to make! There will continue to be distress in my life as long as I say things which are unkind or hurtful.  Honestly, it isn’t so much the discomfort for me I am afraid of.  It is the hurt (or curse) I am causing others because of my words!

 Today Lord, I thank you for my duct tape angel and for the visual you have given me to use whenever I start to speak unkind or harmful words.  Forgive me for those things which I have said that do not bring glory to you or to those around me.  Lord it is my hope and desire for  the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight. My hearts cry is for my comments to be used to speak healing and love into those who might need them today.  Thank you Lord. Amen