There is a fad which has swept across our nation.  Crossing all social, economic and racial barriers.  For this “40 something” year old Mom, it was alarming. I wonder though am I now desensitized to it? I no longer holler at my son about it.  I just shake my head and go on with life.

You see, we are in the midst of raising the last of our five children.  Trevor is a fun, ornery kid, gifted athlete with a 3.85 GPA.  So, it’s alarming to me that he can’t understand what a belt is to be used for.  Most of the time, the waist of his jeans hang down past his boxers.  And he is not alone in this, seems all his friends dress the same way! 🙂

I realize now,  belts are no longer a part of a guys wardrobe.  Yet, if by some slim chance they do own one.  It’s worn more as a fashion accessory than as it’s intended purpose…to hold up one’s pants!

When I saw this video, of course I had to send it on to my children and husband.  My husband who has dedicated his life to teaching and coaching.  A man who strives to instruct his student/athletes how to become a responsible, respectable member of society. So, it is not unusual for me to hear him say,  “Pull your pants up!” 

For my Friday Droll…. “Pants on the Ground!”