The conversation has rolled around in my mind for the past two weeks. Maybe it isn’t so much the conversation as much as what it implies.

I mistakenly called a woman in my small Kansas community by the wrong name. Once I realized what I had done, I called and apologized for the mistake. The conversation I can’t get past, took place at that time. This lady told me it was no big deal I called her by the wrong name, because no one knows her name. No one knows her name?

I was talking to a woman who has lived in our town of 2, 600 for over thirty-five years. She has worked in a business for just as long. Her children grow up and graduate from our community. And no one knows her name? So, how does she feel? Can you imagine? Customers who have done business with her for all those years haven’t bothered to ask her name. People she walks past in our eight block downtown don’t know or worse yet, don’t make an effort to greet her by name.

I can’t help but wonder does she feel invisible? Or perhaps she feels invaluable? Why haven’t customers and other business owners bothered to learn her name? Each time I have seen her since the phone call, I call her by the correct name. Yet, I realize someone else knows her name. Not only does He know her name, He knows yours as well.

There are times in all our lives when we feel invaluable, invisible, unworthy or whatever else you might feel. Even during those times, there is One who knows your name. Not only does He know your name, but He loves you. He knows how valuable you are!  In fact, if you don’t know Him, listen carefully………… He is calling your name now!