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God doesn’t always speak to me in His still quiet voice or His “King James Version.”  (Thy, though, thus..) Probably a good thing because I suspect if He did, I wouldn’t always get His “drift.” Needless to say, today was one of those days. Now bear with me here. 

A lot of times in my morning prayers, I do hear His still small voice. Or a worship song comes to mind, so I sing and worship as I get ready for the day. This morning, the song that popped into my head was “Time To Change.”  Seriously, I started singing “When It’s Time to Change, you’ve got to rearrange….”  Ok.  If you aren’t in the forty-to-fifty something age group you might not remember this song.  This song was on an episode of “The Brady Bunch.”  Have you forgotten the Brady Bunch?  I certainly can’t forget “The Brady Bunch. ” After all, we grew up together!  🙂 So, while I am not totally surprised a Brady Bunch song darting across my mind.  As the day worn on, it amazed me to realize there was a message in this song. 

Greg sings in the second verse, “Day by day it’s hard to see the changes you’ve been through.”  Isn’t that the case in all our lives?  We go through life living moment by moment.  Life can go by so fast, we don’t realize the changes.  Both the good and the bad.  Today, God showed me some positive changes I made.  Changes which came through walking out very hard circumstances.  The biggest change in me occured in the realization of  how much God loves me.  Not because what I do or don’t do!  Just because He loves me for being me. Also, the changes made are equipping me to do what God is calling me to do.  After patting myself on the back for my changes, God tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of some circumstances which still need some work.

Marsha ends the second verse with the words, “if you wanna reach your destiny it’s what you’ve got to do.” God has spoken into my life the last months about dying.  Not physically dying. Dying (daily) to myself, to stuff which takes my time away from building a strong, stable relationship with Jesus, and to people who are hindering what God has planned for my life.  I am being completely transparent here.  I have totally failed in this dying part.  So today, as I have been singing….”When it’s time to Change, you’ve got to rearrange…” (even making my voice squeak like Peter did) my soul was troubled.  Troubled because I haven’t died to the things in my life, like God asked me to. 

I haven’t died to the large amount of time spent on the computer.  Then dying to certain people in my life has been difficult.  I know God isn’t asking me to quit loving them. He is asking me to let them go.  Their influence is holding me back from the “changes and rearranges” He is doing in my life. Finally, die to myself.  Oh my! Jesus has,is and will probably have to ask me again “to take up my cross and follow Him.” (Matthew 6:24) Inside this strong-willed, independent woman a battle is going on.  In fact, running in  the opposite direction is more likely the case.  This has proven to be more like a dog running around chasing his own tail. It hasn’t gotten me anywhere, especially where God is concerned.

I realized late this afternoon this is part of the rearranging.  God is rearranging me and like the songs says, “moving my heart to what (He) wants me to be.” Ok…Brady Bunch didn’t sing “”He.”  But for me, it is He. 

“Well, its time to change then its time to change, move by the time come along for the ride, don’t you see…when its time to change you’ve got to rearrange (ok..Peter) move your heart to what your gonna be!”

What about you? Is God asking you to change and rearrange in areas of your life?  Like “The Brady Bunch” sang, are you going to “”rearrange and move your heart to what your gonna be?”