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Previously, I shared on this blog that I am on a second journey. While I have yet to realize where exactly this journey is taking me, I do know at this time I am living out what I have come to call my “hidden years.”

Two years ago, I read Alicia Britt Chloe’s book titled, Anonymous, Jesus’ Hidden Years…and Yours.  For me, this book was very insightful as well as full of hope. Alicia shows the years and temptations that Jesus faced prior to His three years of public ministry. She goes on then to explain that His responses to those temptations were developing Him for His public ministry. Those anonymous years were what prepared Him to do His Father’s work. 

When I first read this book, I looked at my life previous and reflected on how those were my anonymous years. How God was getting me prepared for public ministry.  And while I fully believe He still is. I recognize this second journey is still part of my hidden years.

The last 15 months, God has allowed a wide range of situations into my life which I never dreamt my family would have to walk through.  I have journeyed through a roller coaster of emotions. Those emotions have included anger, self-pity, broken heartedness, grief and deep, dark despair. While on the flip side, I experienced delight, love and a new found faith from becoming a Grandma. There were days, I cried out to the Lord for strength and reassurances. Other days, I have been angry at God for allowing certain situations into our life.  Then those times when I couldn’t pray, time where I was at the end of my rope as well as end of my words.  I just didn’t know what to pray.   

 While the storm clouds have passed, and life is returning to some sort of normalcy.  I realize God wants me to still live in anonymity.  Once again going back to Alicia’s book, Jesus for years lived out of the limelight of public attention. Anonymous to most individuals. Not until the right time, until his “Father” gave Him the ok to perform His first miracle.

Having always been a person who loves people and has a “gift to gab.” I struggled for a few months this past year with not “doing things” or being with other people. Now I have come to realize this time is still part of my anonymous years.  In fact maybe more so than any other time in my life.

 Now, I long for the peace and simplicity of life. I seek those times when it is quiet and I can hear my “Fathers” still small voice. I am learning to be thankful for this time. Thankful that God is using this time to bring the growth and to prepare me fully for my “Second Journey.” 

If you feel anonymous or hidden, I encourage you to read Alicia Britt Chloe’s, “Anonymous, Jesus’ Hidden Years..and Yours.”  You will be encouraged and richly blessed by it.  ~b