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My intentions for this blog have always been to encourage, educate, and empower my readers.  As I stated in the Hiatus post, I felt like the Lord wanted me to spend more time in studying His word.  While those were my intentions, I must confess my spirit was willing, but my flesh has been weak.  I have not spent the time studying the Word like I had hoped.

Last evening as I was thinking through the lack of effort on my part to open the Bible, it dawned on me that I should blog as I start delving into the scriptures.  So, for the next  few weeks I will be sharing with you the scriptures I am studying and what I feel the Holy Spirit is speaking into my life through the Word!

Hopefully, studying and sharing with you readers will give me the accountability I need to delve into and dissect the scriptures more.  And in turn, I pray it encourages and empowers you in your faith journey as well as your life!

Stay tuned…..Delightfully Delving is about to begin!