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Today is the unveiling of my new blog…”Restoration of the Heart.”  I invite you to join me on this “second journey,”  where we will delve into the scriptures and look at stories of God’s healing power and restoration grace. 🙂 This has always  been the  intent for this blog.  However,  people in our small community took some of the posts and tried to use it against my husband.   After that, I become unsure and disheartened about what to do with this blog.  I have floundered the last few months.  I am back now, back to what I feel God wants to do through this blog.

Feel free at anytime to leave a comment or email me directly.  I look forward to each of you joining me on this journey!

Phillips, Craig and Dean~Restoration

Sorry, there are no slides on this video.  However, the lyrics are listed below:

Looking at this falling race
Standing in the light of grace
We can’t see the shadow of the past
Building our security
Truth lost its identity
But there’s still time for us to get it back
If we sing hey now, hey now
And take some time for self examination
Say hey now, hey now
We need to be baptized in salvation

If we sing hey now, hey now
What we need is restoration
Hey now, hey now
What we really need is restoration

Twisted in this awful mess
Swimming in our own success
Watching as the truth just fades away
It’s time to put our faith to test
Let our souls be undressed
And show the world we mean what we say


Staring somewhere into space
Hoping to find some saving grace
I felt a tug within my heart
You roll the stone, pull me apart
Your light illuminates the dark
And makes my voice cry out loud