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My 2010 theme verse for the year is “Be It Unto Me According To Thy Word.”  Luke 1:38.  As we all know this scripture is Mary’s reply to God.  Mary saying “Yes” to the will of God for her life.  Oh, can you imagine what was going through this teenage girls mind?  Here she was engaged, waiting to be married, kept herself pure for  the love of her life and now God is asking her to carry His Son.  I often ponder on what was going through Mary’s mind.  Honestly, if it were me the least I would have said was ” You have got to be kidding?”  I may have even gone so far as to say, “No way, no where, no how..you got the wrong girl, God.”  But not Mary, and the reason why is because long before God asked Mary to carry his son, she loved and was obedient to her Abba Father.  She knew the heart of her “Daddy.”  So, when the angel showed up Mary didn’t question God on His plan.

Earlier in this story, Mary asked “How will this be since I am a Virgin?”  She  wasn’t questioning God if this was right for her life, but how it was possible.  Why wasn’t Mary questioning if this was right?  She didn’t have to because she had spent  time with her Father, understood He would never forsake or leave her and most importantly knew the character of  her Jehovah Jirah. (The God who supplies all  we need.)  We see this truth when the angel answers her by saying, “Nothing will be impossible with God.”

I should have known when God revealed this as my 2010 verse, there was going to be a tug-of-war. Oh, not on His part…but on mine. As you may remember in an earlier post, I talked about being on a second journey in life.  Not sure where this journey will end. Just knowing  God has me on it, in order to become the person He wants me to be.  As I seek to become more of that woman,  I realize  His desire for me is to  learn from Mary, so I will be able to fully live out my 2010 verse.

For me, it has becomes so much easier said than done.  Below are some differences I have found between myself and Mary.  Realizing these differences are what makes me unable to live out…”Be it unto me according to thy Word.”

  1. Mary knew her “Daddy’s” heart because she had spent time with him.  I let the busyness of life take away from the time spent with my Abba Father.  In doing so, often times I say to my Daddy, “You have got to be kidding?”
  2. Mary didn’t know “how it would be possible,” yet she obeyed Jehovah Jirah anyway.  I want the road to be completely planned and laid out before I step into God’s Will.  Since God doesn’t always operate with a strategic plan in place, more times than not I have told him “No way, no how, no where…you got the wrong girl God.”
  3. Regardless of  where God sent Mary and Joseph, no matter how difficult the road became or what people said;  Mary remained faithful to the calling God placed on her life.  At times, when the “going gets tough” I tucked  my tail between my legs and run!

Before we know it, the ball will drop for 2011.  I know these differences won’t be ironed out and perfected by the end of this year.  But through God’s continued love and grace, He is revealing and walking with me in the changes I need to make.  Helping me to  live out my 2010 verse!