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The following information was taken from the Breaking Free website

These statistics alarm me!  Do you realize one glaze and your son or daughter could be addicted to pornography for life?  Or what about the deviant sexual behavior that comes after viewing these sites?  Will your daughter be a victim to some young man who’s life has been forever altered by this images he has viewed?

I am pulling up my soap box and getting ready to stand and speak out.  If you don’t want to hear my personal thoughts on pornography.  Please click out, if you do…Keep reading.

Pornography (whether soft or hard) is a Goliath and we need to be David. Goliath (the Enemy) is taunting us.  Sex and porno are everywhere, are we to just accept it and turn away? Perhaps we need to rally against online pornography and stores which get away with selling volgar pictures and films.  Then there is the soft porn shown in Victoria secrets, your local convenient shop, grocery stores, etc. Don’t be like the Army of Israel and stand, shutter and run away. Don’t you hear the Enemy calling and like  Goliath saying “Come over here. I will give your (or your sons, daughters and spouses) flesh to the birds and wild animals.”  Stand up!  Don’t be fooled wives and mothers, one glance and you, your children or spouse could be addicted for life! The enemy is roaming around like a lion waiting to destroy our families. Are you willing to be a David?  Trusting God to defeat this enemy!  Pick up your five smooth stones (you and God decide what those are). Take out the one stone and hurl it! I believe like David, we will hit this enemy square between the eyes! And not only defeat online viewing and stores which promote this juke, but most importantly this giant ( pornography) will come crumbling down! I want to be apart of the army that delivers the head of this enemy to our “King!”