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Today I want to share “Beautiful Things” by Gungor. As I have communicated through out this blog, God and I are on a second journey.  His revelations are “making me new.”  I share this journey in hope of encouraging others who might be on the same or similar path. 

In my post from September 6th statistics were included on the percentage of women and men who struggle with eating issues and/or body image issues.  This post is not intended to go into more of the dynamics of those. I hope this post will inspire you!   Push you to confront, if you aren’t already with the demons in your life.  As you recognize and work through those areas, God will “make me new.”

 A friend posted the following song on Facebook. I immediately loved the lyrics.  It once again brought healing and hope to my soul.! I trust it will do the same for you. No matter the conflicts we have or continue to fight, God can and will make “beautiful things out of us!”