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Emotions rolled over me like an evening tide,
Trying to keep my head up
In hope of not drowning
In the sea of tears I cried.
I knew within my heart
That nothing in our lives happened
Without first passing through your Hands

But I couldn’t help but question, “God how can this be part of your Plan?”

How could Your plan be
For our precious daughter
To be struggling with this terrible E.D.?

The hollow look within her eyes
And the dissociation from us
Was so hard to accept.

I couldn’t help but cry out, “God, this situation…I just don’t get!”

With prayers from precious family and friends
You began to formulate the plan
A plan which only could be done
Because it truly had passed through the intercession of Your Son!

I knew You held her in the palm of your hands
When 1700 miles from home
You begun working out the plan.

The scenario included Remuda Ranch
And all the people
Who helped with treatment for our daughter
To become true!

I couldn’t help but shout, “God, I am so thankful for  You.”

Now four years down the road
I can clearly see
And I am so very grateful
For “The Plan that came to be.”