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While attending family week at Remuda Ranch, we made a stop at the Remuda Cornerstone  Bookstore.  Our youngest daughter picked up the newest Hillsong CD.  Included in that CD was the song “Oceans Will Part.”  This song immediately touched deep within my soul.  Such comfort and strength I gained from the lyrics.

Those months were difficult, not only for our daughter in treatment  but our entire family.  The siblings went through periods of time when they had  immense fear that  their sibling would not live because of this illness or they got  mad because of what the E.D. did to her.  For me as a mother, I wavered between fear and guilt.  At times, I was just at a loss with what we needed to do.

After family week, we went back home while our daughter stayed in Arizona for one more month.  During those days, I was a housewife and homemaker.  So, I spent much of my time in prayer, seeking the Lord through His word, and listening to this  Hillsong CD.  Many times I found myself all alone in the house, down on my knees and through tears crying out to God….”Hope will rise, glory shown in my life (and my daughters) Your will be done!”

Oceans Will Part~Hillsong