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Delightfully Delving was added to this site in June.  When introduced, our delving started in I Samuel with Truth’s Learned from One Boy, One Stone and God.  At the time, my intention was to follow-up that post with six additional ones.  For whatever reason, I just never got there. 

Here I am today.  Cleaning my office and ran across my notes for those posts.  While the basis for those posts certainly haven’t changed (scripture never does) the direction God wants me to take has. There are two posts within this blog site which talk about pornography being this generations Goliath.  Clear back in June, God had not revealed to me the parallel of pornography being Goliath and myself along with others, as David.  Now as I write the rest of this series…Goliath will be pornography and David is those who are willing to stand up against it.

The first truth I listed in the original post was from I Samuel 17:28-29, and is this:

Families don’t always understand the “call” God places on our life or the battles we face!

Going back to the scripture, it tells about David’s brother Eliab.  Eliab overheard David talking to the other men about Goliath and what would be in it for the man who killed him.  It states Eliab lost his temper.  He questioned his brother, wondering just what exactly he was up to.  Although he totally misunderstood!  He thought David was there to have a “ringside” seat to the blood bath.  Eliab had not idea God’s call on David’s life.

 For those of you who are David’s to this generations Goliath,  you will face family and friends who won’t understand what God has called you to do. Especially those people who are still in the strangulation hold of this addiction. Not only will they not understand, but perhaps like Eliab they will get angry.  Some will even chose to they stay away from you.  The conviction that comes on them when you are around will be to paralyzing for them to risk being in your presence.

 Looking back at our scripture reference, David’s response to Eliab was to ignore him.  David knew God had called him to this place and time.  He couldn’t let the response of someone who didn’t understand the call, discourage him from fulfilling what God had asked him to do.  He knew what God was calling him to and it wasn’t a return trip to tending sheep.

 There have been family, friends, employers and acquaintances who have been less than patient and  kind about my stand on this generation’s Goliath.  At first, I allowed their fear, anger and threats to keep me from speaking the truth and helping others step out into the light.  Like David, my job is to pick up one smooth stone and hurl it at this giant. I am not responsible (neither are you) for how people respond to the truth, that is God’s job. I am just the shepherd girl He has called into this battle. 

Perhaps your battle doesn’t include pornography.  (Although, I personally feel it is something all of us need to be battling against) Your Goliath may have a totally different look or name.  Whatever you are battling, I urge you to overcome those nay sayers who are trying to perswade you to go back to “tending sheep.”  Stand firm on your calling and God will use you to defeat the giant!