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Staying with Thankful Thursday themes for the month of November.  First, thank you for those who have already comment to my earlier Thankful Thursdays.  For those of you, who haven’t yet, I would be honored to share what you are grateful for with my readers.  Please blog what you are thankful for, email the link of your blog to me. On Thanksgiving Day, I will post your blog name and link  for readers to click over and read. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to comment or email me what you are thankful for.  I will include your comments in the Thanksgiving Day post.

For this Thankful Thursday, just a hint of what I am grateful for today:

  • The Veterans who have served this country, so I can speak freely and freely worship my God
  • For a warm home, when snow threatens our land
  • My 14 month old grandson, who reminds me  life will continue
  • My small rural Kansas town, which always has been a safe place to raise our children
  • Friends who love me, in spite of me
  • A husband who every day continues to remind me and our children how much he loves us.

So, dear ones.  What are you grateful for this Thankful Thursday?

******If you want to email the link to your post for Thankful Thursday, my email is bgraciesmith@gmail.com