Very few women journey through this life unscathed.  Hurts have come from many sides with a multitude of faces.  Faces which scream out worthless, abused, addict, unlovable, divorced, financial failure, etc.  We hang our heads, feeling worthless with each step taken.  The load becomes heavier while hope slowly escapes us.

 Then in walks the Savior. Our Savior, the one who can:

Change worthless into precious
Guilty to forgiven
Hungry into satisfied
Empty into full
All the lies are shattered
And we believe we matter
When You change broken into beautiful!

Dear one, do you have multitude of faces screaming out worthless? Perhaps it isn’t you; but your mother, daughter, sister, or friend who needs the life changing touch of our Savior.  He wants to breathe life and restoration back into your broken soul.  This song is for you (or them) He wants to take your sorrows, pain and shame turning  “Broken into Beautiful.”