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Taking a quick break from Christmas posts.  For my friends from Facebook, this was the easiest way to post the conversation.

Call me naive if you want!  However, I would like to consider it as planting seeds.  Planting seeds into Westboro Baptist Church. 

I have a tendency to get on my soap box. ( Ok, I know that doesn’t surprise you.) This week the soap box is out and I am up on the box with a megaphone.  What started out as a dream one night, has turned into a post on examiner. com about Fred Phelps and just ended with a conversation between WBC preacher and myself on Twitter.

I didn’t tweet this person thinking I would get a response, but when I did…I figured why not…let’s run with it.  So, I ran. Ran it until the abuse started.  For those of you who don’t know me very well.  I am a firm, very firm believer in spiritual warfare.  Kind of a been there done that…and know that we always have to go back! So, throughout my “twittering” with WBC preacher….I was praying as well.

In the end, I can’t say I gained anything.  But I fully believe the word of God does NOT return void.  I do pray for these people. (I know you all don’t agree with that) The hurt they have spewed into people’s lives are unbelievable.  I know, without a doubt that God is the only one who can stop this tyranny of abuse.  So, why don’t you join me in praying!

Here is the twitter conversation with Westboro Baptist Church preacher.  When it reads @godhatesu, I am writing to him and @embracegracie…he is writing to me. 

@godhatesu Don’t be as loyal to your religion as u r to God. More u get to know Jesus Christ personally, More your religion could change.

@embracegracie Yep, more non-Biblical psychobabble that has no meaning. Lots of blah blah blah; go read Mark 9, that’s Jesus for you!

@godhatesu There is alot about Jesus before Mark 9. What about John 3: 16 – 20?

@embracegracie What about it? That doesn’t say God loves everyone! It says the OPPOSITE. The world was already condemned!!!!

@godhatesu I agree w u that it was already condemned. That was before He sent us Jesus. He sent us Jesus so we aren’t condemned.

@embracegracie He came for those WHO BELIEVE. If you don’t BELIEVE Rom 9:13, Ps 5:5 and rest of Bible, He didn’t come for you!

@embracegracie He didn’t ‘uncondemn’ it. GOD doesn’t change His mind. He alone is sovereign. And if He loves everyone, why hell?

@godhatesu Then it is our choice whether we accept Jesus as our Savior or not. Jesus came 2 heal the broken hearted & set the captives free.

@godhatesu No, Jesus came for all of us who were condemned. Me, you and your church members. We needed Jesus to take our place on the cross

@embracegracie NO. NOT WHAT THE WORDS SAY. Stop lying. He hates all but His Elect, whom He chose at His will from eternity past. READ!!

@embracegracie So Romans 9 means nothing? Who chooses Hell? I mean, really? The Rich Man CHOSE to go to Hell and enter into torment?

@godhatesu I don’t believe in predestination. And we are all God’s people…He ordained all of us. But He also gave us free choice.

@embracegracie Then you don’t believe the Bible. You don’t have ONE verse to back up your lies, b/c well, they’re lies.

@godhatesu Do u want me to quote them to you? u know your bible,u just don’t chose 2 believe the verses about God’s love, grace and mercy

@embracegracie There is no verse about universal love for all humanity. If there was, you’d have quoted by now.

@godhatesu I already quoted it to you! Just know I am praying 4 all of you. wish u could preach love, grace and mercy.. and not condemnation

@embracegracie What, John 3:16 that DOES NOT SAY GOD LOVES EVERYONE! Do you know HOW to read?

@godhatesu You don’t have to get verbally abuse with me. I am reading u r opinions & giving u mine…it reads, “God so LOVED THE WORLD!”

@embracegracie The word WORLD nowhere in the Bible means all individuals of mankind. Does He love Judas Iscariot?

@godhatesu I am sorry, I don’t agree with you. I don’t think God hates his children. Do you hate your children? No, you love them.

@embracegracie I don’t care if you agree. You’re a liar and you spit on God’s word with every breath you take. The words are plain.

@ godhatesu I am praying 4 u & all u r church members. praying for a Damascus moment. Acts 22.

@embracegracie Your prayers are abhorred by God. Proverbs 15 You won’t have a Damascus moment probably; you still breathe, you could repent

@godhatesu I don’t need a Damascus moment, I know Jesus as my Savior and will spend eternity with Him.

@embracegracie Being punished by Him.

@godhatesu No, not being punished. He will say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” (Mathew 25:21)

@embracegracie Yeah, I can tell with your cut hair you’re clearly a good and faithful servant. 1 Cor 11!!!!!

Clearly, this is where the planting seeds ended for me.  So, are you joining me in prayer?