This initially was going to be just one guest post from a new-found friend.  However,  after thinking about some friends who are WAY talented.  I decided to end 2010 with more guests posts.  These posts are from old friends, new friends and sisters-in-Christ. You are just gonna love them!  So, after reading their post be sure and click on over to their blog (for the guest writers who have blogs).  And please, leave comments and encourage these writers, whether they are new or old they will love to hear what you have to say.  I am soooo  giddy…….like bringing home a new friend!  So, my dear readers enjoy!

Introducing, my life long Friend…Dawnita Bruning-Reese.  Dawnita, is a budding poet, but more importantly to me…she is one of my “Gold” friends. (You know, some are silver and some are gold.) We are childhood friends who have spent a lifetime cheering each other through the mountain tops, and crying with each other through the valleys!   She is also “Mom” to five children, so we have kindred hearts!  And without further ado……..

Simple Country Girl
by Dawnita Bruning Reese

I am a simple country girl
what you see is what you get
I love my simple country life
my roots I’ll not forget.

Wealthy I am not
but rich I am by far

I don’t live in a mansion
nor drive a brand new car.
I work hard for all I have
and try to give more than I take
I am also far from perfect
but try to learn from each mistake.
5 sons I have loved & raised
with hard work beyond measure
my boys are all so different
and they are my true treasure.
I’ve been blessed with loving parents
who have been there time and time again
They know my failures, fears and struggles
They love me now and loved me then.
My husband is my best friend
so gentle, loyal and kind
A better partner and father
I know I’d never find.
My granddaughters are just perfect
or so this grandma thinks
After years and years of buying blue
I’m finally buying pinks!
I am just a simple country girl
high maintenance I am not
Between God, my family & my friends
I need no more than what I’ve got.
The contentment in my simple life
is a blessing I’m thankful for
I have everything I’ll ever need
I need not ask for more.
God has been so good to me
His love and faithfulness is humbling
He is the one who picks me up when
I’ve been tripped by life and stumbling.
Fear not my child he whispers to me
I am always by your side
I made you who you are today
a simple country girl with pride.
He knew of every tear I would shed
before it even fell down my face
Whether sad ones or joyful ones
Right beside me was His place.
I am a simple country girl
and simple I shall always be
A faithful servant and loving mom
is what I hope you see in me.
My life is such a precious gift
from my Heavenly Father from above
I will always be so thankful to Him
for my simple country life that I love.