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January is the month for most people which signifies new beginnings.  For me, to is a sad reminder of goodbye’s given to soon. On January 17th, 2005 my family learned what it felt like to live through the to-soon death of my Mother and my children’s GP (Grandma Paula).  On the same date four years later, our family had to say “so long” to Trent, our youngest son Trevor’s best friend.  Today, our oldest daughter Ashleah Riffel is the guest writer.  This post was wrote this week as all of us who love Trent walk through the second anniversary of his death, in what would have been his Senior year in High School.  In Memory of Trent Hoft…dear one you are forever in our hearts and minds!~b

The Brothas From Other Mothas

For as long as I could remember there was always double trouble in our house growing up. At an early age Trevor, became friends with Trent. Not only were they the same height, they shared the same color of hair, same love of sports and girls, had names starting with T. It was more then that. It was the ornery smiles with dimples and wild streaks that would some day be memories more precious then imaginable.

They were of the two youngest boys always playing with the big boys during pick-up football games or always flirting with the girls. Grade school boys who could have made little black books a new trend for young kids. They were 2 of a kind and inseparable.

In junior high, it was still the girls and sports. Their orneriness became wilder and funnier. They grew their hair long and were slowly changing from ornery little boys, to wonderful young men with the same good kind of wild side. They were still 2 of a kind ready to take the world by storm.

In high school, nothing had changed they just became more independent. Its here these young men became more mature then their age. They loved fun and laughter. They had the bike rides at night, street sign collections, and firework filled dummies at homecoming.

It’s these memories that were started and then ended abruptly. For Trent’s heart of gold that was taken too soon and Trevor’s broken heart left with a permanent ache, that life will never be the same. It was a childhood of countless memories and laughter that gives life only memories to last a lifetime. It was a loss of a best friend, partner in crime. It was Trevor’s loss of a brotha from another motha.