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This probably will end up being a post in which I just ramble. However, my heart is heavy tonight and I need to write out some of the jumbled up thoughts in my mind.  

Five days ago, the fourteen year old daughter of a high school classmate was found dead.  I don’t know all the details and I am not going to speculate here.  That is not the reason for this post.

When my spirit can stand it, I am an avid CNN news watcher.  Many times I have seen their commentary on the “War on Women.”  I have agreed with this little blurb since the first time I saw it.  To be quite frank however, it should say “War on women and children.”  Personally speaking, there are many contributing factors to this war.

One of the biggest I feel is the convenient access to pornography. No one will ever convince me otherwise, this is a huge factor in the downward spiral of disregard for women, children and life in general.  One doesn’t have to be an expert to know that continual viewing of smut desensitizes those who watch it.

If you have followed my blog at all, you know I have tagged pornography as a “Goliath” to this generation.  It is my hope that many of you have joined the battle as a David to this Goliath.  I believe for such a time as this, we need to speak out and against the onslaught of sexual images and sexual acceptance our society has succumb to.  

Makes one also ponder on the role video games, social media and television play as well? Do children, teens and some adults realize what is reality and what is fantasy?  Violent images and actions seems to be the norm in many of the games and shows our children are playing or watching.

The latest show introduced on M.T.V. titled “Skins” shocks me!  And I have just seen the previews.  I don’t encourage you to watch the show, but do urge you to contact M.T.V. and ask them to remove this show IMMEDIATELY.  The influence it could have on our teenagers frightens me!

We as parents and grandparents need to learn as much as we can about internet safety and in turn teach it to our children.  If you aren’t familiar with online safety, I urge you to check out IROC2.  This site has tools and tips to help communicate with your children about online safety.

I don’t know what or if any of this played into this precious girl’s death.  However, once again it brought to the forefront of my mind the battle we are fighting for our children and the women in our society.  I urge you to pray about where you fall in this battle.  Are you to become a David?  Do you need to learn more about online safety to teach to your children? Is cable TV something you need to consider discontinuing in your home? 

How, when or if ever will this war end? I don’t have the answer to that questions.  And I certainly don’t have the answer for what you need to do in your life with these issues….and at times, wonder if I even do for my own.  I just know in my heart of hearts that our society continues on a slippery slope of destruction.  A path where lines are being crossed and conflicts continue in this war on women and children.