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Our sixteen month old grandson always drops his jaw when he is looking at something new or trying to figure something out.  Seeing him with his big brown eyes twinkling and mouth wide open always warms my heart.

Today, I am standing with my jaw dropped.  God is rapidly working in my heart and doing changes in our life.  Changes which are not yet final or even at a point where I can share; yet these changes are no doubt….God.

It has been no secret in my posts that the last few years have been full of trials, heartache and pain. Times in which I have had to wrestle with unforgiveness, intense anger and betrayal; not to mention deep grief and sorrow over loved ones lost and friendships ruined.  (I know many of you have experienced loss, betrayal and heartache as well) But of course those times have also been mixed with intense joy and huge spiritual growth. The joy of our children grown, grandson born, letting go of the judgmental, religious attitude and grasping the love that Jesus lived out.

I have recanted over and over; God has me on a second journey.  There were days I thought it was a second journey headed no where! But looking back now, and of course with the events of the last few hours I sense God is very near to revealing where this second journey is going to “land.”

A few years back (ok, in reality it was over ten years ago) our church did the bible study Experiencing God. What a powerful study.  One in which I learned tons about the sovereignty of our Lord.  Also, about moving in the direction God is going.

I have not been the type of girl who always followed God’s directives.  Nope!  I have been more of an independent; this is what “I want” type of girl.  Of course, living life this way has caused some real temper tantrums in my heart.  And you know what; God doesn’t give in to temper tantrums. He is our Abba Father and wants to give us the best and help us live out His “best” plan.

Guess not only have I grown “out” in my middle age, I am spiritually growing up.  I don’t want to move in a direction opposite of God.  No longer do I want those temper tantrums in my heart.  I enjoy the peace and serenity which comes from waiting and following Jesus.  So, I am standing here; mouth wide open, brown eyes sparkling, waiting as my Abba Father finishes and presents the plans for this second journey!

Friend, where are you today?  In the middle of a temper tantrum of the heart, or the peace and serenity of living out His will.  If you are struggling, let go.  As hard as it can be, undo the grip of your will and move into the direction God has for your life!