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JJ HellerToday I am sharing one of my most favorite songs by JJ Heller, “What Love Really Means.” 

The lyrics choke me up everytime I listen to this song.  For two specific reasons I get teary.  One is because I finally know it is true…..God loves me for me! In this second journey, I conclusively grasped it is not what I do but who I am…which initiates God to love me.  I am freed from the body image and performance based issues I lived with for years.

The second reason is because I am to love people like God does.  Love them just because of who they are.  I don’t have to agree with them.  We don’t have to share the same basic beliefs or moral standards.  I am just to “love you for you!”

Dear Reader, if you haven’t yet reached the point of knowing how much God loves you….my prayer is this little song will help.  He love you!  Loves you for who you are, His child.  It doesn’t matter what you have done or haven’t done! What you have become or haven’t become….He just loves you! Period!!

My prayer is that while you listen to this song, He will speak into your spirit how very much you are loved! ~b