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Last week as the snow storm raged to the east of my small Kansas town, someone on Twitter hashtagged the storm as #BlizzardofOz. I loved it! I have always been a Kansas girl who loves the Wizard of Oz.

Since today is beginning to look like our part of the state is going to get the #BlizzardofOz.  I have thought about what it might look like on the “big screen.”  What if the Wizard of Oz was remade as the #BlizzardofOz?” Here would be my top ten scenes:

10.   Miss Gulch would be riding a snow mobile instead of a bike
9.   Henry would be hollaring…”It’s a Blizzard, It’s a Blizzard.”
8.   Giants would pop out of the snow singing, “Ding Dong the Witch is dead.”
7.    Dorothy gets ruby-red snow boots
6.   Good witch tells Dorothy to “Follow the white Snow drifts, to get Emerald City.”
5.    Dorothy meets a Snowman who needs a brain
4.    Wicked Witch has an army of Snow Geese
3.     Dorothy’s signature song becomes “Somewhere over the Ice sickle”
2.    Wicked witch hollers, I am freezing, I am freezing as she dies.

And the number one scene in the #BlizzardofOz…..
Dorothy clicking the heels of her  ruby-red snow boots and repeating…
“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”