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A week ago I posted on Facebook about Forgiveness. I am working hard on forgiving some individuals,  whose offenses I have carried around for to long. Far to many individuals  reach the end of their life bitter and angry.  I don’t want to leave this world that way.   Probably more importantly though,  I know  God wants me to forgive actually expects me to forgive! What assurance I have, that if I have a willing heart He will do His part in helping me work through and resolve the unforgiveness!
One of my  Twitter/FB friends sent me the following poem.  I got permission from her to share it with all of you.  For those of you who might be struggling with unforgiveness also,  I hope this speaks to your heart.


by Dorothy Anderson

It is often the
most difficult task,
to forgive
Could you agree?

I am not very good
at it, I will admit
When all you want
is to get even
or to make the other(s)
hurt just as badly
as they hurt you…
that fuels the grudge

What is forgiveness?
Is it letting someone
off the hook?
Is forgivness
simply forgetting?
Is it saying the wrong
perpetrated upon us
is now OK?
That it really did not
hurt or offend us after all?

No, it is so much more
Forgiveness is not an act
of the emotions,
for they seem unable
to ever come to reason
and they often betray us

It is an act of the will,
a release not just for the other
but for ourselves
from the prison of
resentment and anger

Do we need to hear
an apology
to forgive?

Do we need to make sure
the other or others
receive justice?

What we need is to make that choice
To forgive even if we don’t feel like it
To wait till we “feel like it” is a lie
It is like holding on to a poison that
only destroys ourselves
and not the one we intended
for it to torment

Forgiveness doesn’t mean
we now have amnesia
about the wrong
inflicted upon us
It just means
all resentment
and bitterness
no longer has us in
its vice-like grip

And if we refuse to forgive one
who is begging us for it
that person is stuck in a bondage, too
Sometimes, we find it is us
that is in need of forgiveness
and sometimes it is
that very thing
that we need to
extend to ourselves
so we can enjoy
being in our own skin

I am nobody to instruct another
about how to forgive
I am writing this partly for myself
It is one of the hardest things
for me,
to forgive
But when I am on the receiving end
it feels so beautiful and so freeing

To err is truly human
And to forgive is truly divine
It is not of our human nature
to simply forgive
but is a gift from God above
Even under the worst
of cruel situations
true forgiveness is possible