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Today begins a purposeful, relentless pursuit of my Jesus.  Some of you might be shaking your heads and questioning? Especially if you have known me for a lifetime.

Oh, this isn’t the beginning of my relationship with Jesus.  It is a deepening of the relationship. You know how relationship can go!  One can get so preoccupied with the busyness of life, relationships get neglected.  I am admitting to overlooking my relationship with my Savior.

Parallel to realizing I have been careless with this relationship, God showed me I need Jesus now more than ever before!  If you read this blog at all it comes as no surprise this second journey has changed me.  God has revealed attitudes, phobias, and wrong beliefs. These revelations have had to be addressed and are no means settled. Finally I recognize I can’t do it in my own strength. I need my Jesus more and more.

So, today I have purposefully set out to relentlessly pursue my Jesus.  Don’t misunderstand; it isn’t because He is running from me.  It is because I want to know more and more about Him.

The definition of relentless is “ceaseless and intense.”  Pursue can be defined as “seek someone persistently.” For the next few weeks, I plan to purposefully seek to know my Jesus more and more, through ceaseless and intense times.

My plans include not only quiet, intimate time alone just basking in His presence.  Also, I  went through my personal library of books and intend to read:

The Jesus I Never Knew by Phillip Yancy
The Glorious Pursuit by Gary L. Thomas
Fresh Encounter by Henry and Richard Blackaby
The Gospels in the New Testament reading from the Amplified Bible

Not only am I doing this because of my desire to know more about Him.  But I want to love more…. like Him. To have the agape (unconditional) love for others, which He so freely gives to me.

Time is short, people are hurting and world events make me question if harder times are ahead.  People need the life saving mercy and grace, which only comes from Jesus.  My prayer is that as I shadow Him, the world doesn’t see Bridgit but sees my Savior in me!

Do you know Jesus intimately?  Has your weakness been made perfect in His Strength?  When the world looks at you, who do they see?  If you need more of Jesus, join me in this relentless pursuit!