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• This blog isn’t the only thing in my life that has been neglected the last few months.

• Executive Director at The Graduate Bowl Football game, was teaching my son while reminding me that life priorities should be …..God first, Family second……Football (or job) third!

• Too much of our time and talents can be wasted on worrying about what others might think!

• How can housekeeping and cooking not be a woman’s gifts or strengthens? Can that be hereditary?

• Even Jesus’s family didn’t always understand or believe in what He was doing.

• “People of the Second Chance” confirms the ongoing belief system change in my life. Totally abandoning the legalistic side of religion and totally embracing the “Life saving Grace!” It isn’t about what we do or don’t do. It is about relationship, grace and love. Grace….To me and through me….. out into a hurting world.

• Quote read this morning, “Don’t allow the sins of others to keep you from showing them compassion. Jesus had compassion for everyone.” #potsc

• Bits of time without children at home, makes me realize time is short before a major life overhaul in the Smith house.

• Struggling with the truth that all our big moments become bittersweet once our parents are gone.

• It truly is the simple things in life that bring peace and happiness.

• Fulfillment comes from what we do for people, not what position we hold or what we have!