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Early that morning as we opened the door and made our way to the car, dead kittens were strewn about in and around the rose bushes. Our Momma cat, Tiger had given birth to a litter of kittens a few weeks back. At the time of those kittens birth, what my family never expected to see were kittens lifeless in our yard.

The conclusion my family came to over those kittens untimely death was that Tiger had taken them during the night one by one in her mouth, up on the roof and dropped them to their death.Why, was the question I asked over and over? What was the “truth” in how my kitties died?

The explanation came in two different answers. One being that something just wasn’t quite right with Tiger and she thought she needed to drop them from the roof. The second was because one of her kittens was born unhealthy and eventually died, her motherly instinct knew the others were sick and she gave them a quick death.

That was in the early 1970’s, and my first experience with a Mother being careless and seemingly unemotional over the death of her child. Ok. I realize this story is about a cat and her kittens. Even at that, it did and still does seem highly unusual to me for a Momma cat to not be protective of her offspring. While some animal’s basic instinct is to kill their offspring, cats (and humans) are not one!

Fast forward thirty years, five children and one grandson later. Not under any circumstance, can I fathom causing harm to my child. So, today as the Casey Anthony verdict dominated my thoughts; that time with Tiger and her kittens came back into my mind.

I wondered then, as I do today…What happened? However, today that thought goes one step further…not only do I question what happened with the Mother, but what has happened to our society?

In November of 2009, I posted a blog titled “Where has all the Shame gone?” In it, I wrote about our society having no shame. If you want to read more on those thoughts, click here.

I am not going to go into my personal thoughts on the Casey Anthony verdict. Outside of saying, for some reason this child’s death was one of thousands of deaths that the media decided to focus on. And because they did, Casey was tried and convicted in the media long before the case even went before the jury.

As I spent the majority of my July 4th weekend in front of the TV, glued to the trial coverage. My emotions went unharnessed. I went from anger, to disbelief, to sorrow and empathy. I woke up early Sunday morning and immediately started praying for the Anthony family.

“Do they have any faith based friendships? How are they getting through this? Is there extended family and friends who have stood beside them? …If it were me or my daughter, they would have to medicate me. What is the truth? Why did that attorney just laugh? I can’t believe she said that to her Mother?” The thoughts continued to flow through my mind as the scenes played out before me. But no answers came.

I don’t believe we will ever know the truth of what happened to that precious child. For that matter, we will never know the truth of what kind of a person Casey is. Probably each of you reading this post has already formed an opinion based off of the media coverage you have watched. Some of you believe that like my Momma cat, she is totally sick in the head and she alone is responsible for Caylee’s death. Others of you may think the story about sexual abuse she endured as a child is true and the death of Caylee was some sick cover up for extreme dysfunctions in this family.

Regardless of what the” whole truth and nothing but the truth” is, the TRUTH I know and trust in is this… Casey Anthony and her family are offered the same unmerited grace that I am. While you and I may not have done what Casey is accused of, we each have our own “ghosts in the closet” or pet sin. God’s grace is given to all of us, even when we don’t deserve it or didn’t earn it.

I know in my own life, once I have been given and accept this grace; God comes in and does a work!! Both in my heart and life. I could write posts for months on how He has come into a situation bringing healing and wholeness. How because of His acceptance love and grace, I am a woman of The Second Chance. (To learn more about this movement, click here.) Second Chances that have been given to me over and over and over again!

My prayer tonight for the Anthony Family is that despite what the truth really is, they will turn to Him, accepting the Grace He offers and the chance for a new start! And they too; George, Cindy, Lee and Casey will become People of the Second Chance.