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In the past few weeks, there has been an internal issue on one of the committee’s I work with.  During this particular time, I have stood on the outside looking in.  Observing how leadership made the decisions and dealt with opposition.

In following this blog,  you know I am a different woman than I was three years ago.  I see the world through a different set of eyes.  Prior to these past few years, I would have been the one at the committee meetings adamantly opposing this circumstance.  In this particular situation, I chose observation instead of opposition. I kept pondering on what Jesus would have done. I could never see in my mind’s eye that Jesus would have been angry or publicly and adamantly opposed to the dilemma.

Today during the midst of a conversation about this committee’s predicament, an individual commented that someone was opposed because of their moral beliefs! That statement has replayed in my mind over and over as the day faded away.  I couldn’t get a handle on what bothered me so.  Until I sat down tonight to blog.  Now I realize what plagued me is  I don’t want people to say that about me.  Instead, I want them to say, “She loves because of her moral beliefs!”

There is so much in our world and even my little hometown – that is wrong. But no longer do I think it is my job to make everything right. I realize now it is God’s job to make wrong’s, right! My job is just to love.

This day and age we as Christian can chose to adamantly oppose almost everything presented to us. However, in doing so the message of love and grace is often missed. Certainly, I am not saying to abort the beliefs of our Christian faith.  I just question how we are addressing the issues?

Couldn’t one say Fred Phelps opposes Military Funerals because of his moral beliefs? Or even in talking about 9 – 11 and Islam one could state, “The towers fell because of al-Qaeda’s moral beliefs.”  While these statements speak truth, do these peoples actions reveal love and grace?

So then, what brings people to the foot of the cross?  It isn’t publicly opposing events and standards because of moral beliefs. It always has been and always will be Love and Grace!!  hummmmmmmmm……