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Even the thought of it makes me feel queasy
like the first day of the flu
I swear even my teeth ache
a kind of fever of my soul
a chill in my spirit
a loss of appetite of the female psyche.

Everyone tells me about the empty nest
that I must not look back–
when bowls were filled
with Cheerio’s and Kraft macaroni and cheese
and I was teaching how to say thank you’s and please.

And Goodnight Moon’s pages were pleasantly worn
and Candy Land
and Chuttes and Ladders
were the only things that really mattered.

What will become of my butterfly kisses
that tickled your nose?
Who will wish you sweet dreams
and add another blanket when its cold?

It seems only yesterday you asked me to play Maid Marian
and you’d be Robin Hood
You said, “ I want to marry you, mommy”
It was so cute, and I understood.

Don’t look back they say–to
back to when the nest
was filled
with things like love and kids–

Linda R. O’Connell Copyright 2009~taken from http://www.everypoet.net/poetry/