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Empty Nester = Becoming a better Me!

There is a bucket list saved for a rainy day post! 🙂  Today is simply…..Gracie’s Empty Nester list.

  1. September includes working with a Life Coach!  If you want more information on Coaching, check out Truth Soul’ution!  Sherry’s my “Coach!”
  2. Learn and become a Mosaic artist.
  3. Read, read and read about the craft of writing.  Looking for the perfect class to help improve skills! Maybe, maybe not…. the Christian Writers Guild. 
  4. More Jim and Bridgit time. (Whoot. Whoot!!) Starting with trekking 300 miles for the Junk Jaunt in Nebraska.
  5. Commit to personal bible study time.  Love, love, love Beth Moore’s teaching, so looking at  “Living Beyond Yourself.”
  6. Develop skills in my professional life, including: Leadership skills, Time Management…oh, probably need to consider working on being a bit more “tactful.”
  7. Ok. This one the Smith kids will laugh at….Fall Clean my home and  keep it spotless! (Or at least clean and organized! 🙂 )

You see, even in middle age and as an empty nester….God is still working on me! Want to join me?