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Images still race through my mind…the plane flying into the building, frighten and shocked people running through blinding dust to safety, people jumping from the burning buildings, firemen running to save lives and the buildings collapsing to the ground.

My mind switches to being in the car , listening to the radio when a sense of disbelief engulfs my thoughts. I hear the announcement…Our beloved nation is under attack.  Pictured in my mind is the mom of preschool children who’s tear-stained face meets me at the door for our typical weekly visit, which was nothing but typical. Conversations which took place in my small Kansas town which was hundreds of miles away from the site, but close in our hearts because it was happening to Our America!

Now today …. 10 years later, words of remembrance, signs of hope but most prevalent the raw sorrow and grief of those left! I watch the news coverage! Tears fall from my eyes as names are read, readers included a daughter honoring her father, a mother reading the name of her son, a son remembering his father..promising to pass his legacy on to the next generations. The list of names continue and images cover the screen. Pictures of roses on the wall, lists and lists of names engraved in granite. Instrumental music playing, prayers spoken, tears shed. Recalling lives forever altered, a nation forever changed.

Reflecting on where we are as a Nation today vs. ten years ago, I venture to say most of us would agree that we are a nation which has moved far away from what our nation was founded upon.  One Nation Under God!

Yet, watching the coverage this morning the one prevalent theme throughout was God! One Nation Under God!….. Amazing Grace sung! Prayers were given. Goodness was mentioned even in recalling the evil. Over and Over the spirit of God prevailed.  His presence is mentioned and felt!  As one grieving father so eloquently stated……To God be the Glory!!