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“How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?” Psalms 137:4

The last few weeks I have been participating in Beth Moore’s Bible Study, Daniel.  It is an amazing study about living in our own Babylon.  God has spoke to me more than once through out this study.  And not always a gentle, sweet whisper.  🙂 Perhaps another day, I will write more on this particular study.  In the meantime, if you want to know more about this study.  Check out this youtube video.

The last few days, I have been doing both some personal “inventory” and post inventory.  While, read back through some of my old blog posts, I came across songs which had spoken to me at different time throughout this year or a song which God gave me to post for someone else. I decided last evening I would do a list of a few of the 2011 songs in a post today.

Then in my bible study lesson this morning, I came across the scripture I noted above.  In reading Psalms 137: 1 – 6, I thought about the sorrow the Israelites had to be feeling.  Then while dealing with their sorrow, their captors taunted them and asked for songs of joy. Can you imagine? Talk about a one, two punch! As Beth wrote, “Imagine being taunted by mockers of your faith and told to sing one of your silly God-songs.”  Sound familiar.  Has that happened to you before?   Beth continues on by asking,  “How can you keep singing the songs of God in your own Babylon?”

Ok. This might seem a bit strange to some of you. However, my belly did a flip flop when she asked that because I already had the answer.  The answer for me comes in my 2012 verse.  (Confirmation this is my correct verse.  Whoot! Whoot!) While living in my own Babylon, I need to keep my eyes open, hold tight to my convictions, give it all I got!!  Be resolute, and love without stopping!! (1 Corn. 16: 13-14 The Message)

So, today I continue on with the highlighted songs from 2011.  My hearts desire is that one of these songs will speak softly (or roar powerfully) in your heart and soul.  Perhaps today your Foreign Land is named:  Unlovable, Unsettled, or even Unworthy.  Do you feel like you are exiled from what you once knew to be true!  Listen closely…the King of Glory, Prince of Peace and  the Solid Rock is wanting your attention today.  He has what you need to stand strong, be brave and love without ceasing!  He is wanting YOU to sing His songs in whatever foreign land you might be living in!

Recap of 2011 Blog Post Songs:

Hold Me Jesus ~Rich Mullin

What Love Really Means~JJ Heller

Love Never Fails~Brandon Heath

It Is Well ~ Wintley Phipps