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Stepping way out of my comfort zone to share this with you.  However, the following is my submission for the American Family Dream Challenge.  Would you take a minute and vote for my dream?

Wintley Pipps states, “It is in the quiet crucible of your private sufferings that your noblest dreams are born and God’s greatest gifts are given, in compensation for what you have been through.”

As the mother to a young woman in recovery from an Eating Disorder, I can testify that my greatest dream was born during that difficult time in our life.  My dream is to provide free-of-charge participation in a residential program, in the heart of America for teen girls and women age 16 – 28 whose lives have been broken by eating disorders, sexual assault or exploitation. 

There are heartbreaking instances of teen girls and women who have not been able to receive the services needed for recovery because of denial of treatment from insurance companies, no insurance or many other finances issues.  I also have visited with families who feel like there is no support in our part of the country.  Not only do these girls and women suffer physically, but they as well as their families suffer in silence because of the lack of education and services. 

Statistics show 50% of women who suffer from an eating disorder report a history of sexual abuse.  My vision is to offer a safe, cost-free environment to begin the process of putting the pieces back together in these precious girls and women’s lives.  I believe that Kansas is just the place to bestow this service. 

With wide open space, rolling hills and breathtaking sunsets; I know our site will give the back drop needed to begin the healing process.  This home will facilitate a process in which the delicate placement of the pieces in their broken lives, turn into a Mosaic miracle of healing and freedom. Finally, empowering these teen girls and women to “follow the rainbow” and go live out the dreams placed in their own hearts.

While my background includes social work, grant writing and as the director of a small non-profit; I feel inadequate in many areas needed to develop this dream.  I know Kathy Ireland’s coaching would be invaluable in developmenting of our program.  With her entrepreneurial spirit, successful business model as well as her experience in the modeling industry; I honestly feel like Kathy can be instrumental in helping get this dream off the ground.
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Thank you!! (Oh, and feel free to pass on.  At this point, we are a bit behind in the voting! )