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The last book in a trilogy about the siblings of Bethany, is one which could alter your life forever. Lazarus Awaking by Joanna Weaver is written for those of us who could be called, “dead man walking.”

Just a quick reminder here of the story from John 11. Jesus was summoned to the siblings house by His good friends Mary and Martha. Lazarus was sick and he needed the healing touch of Jesus. However, Jesus purposely delayed his arrival. When he did arrive, Lazarus was dead. Then Jesus called into the tomb,”Lazarus, come out!” And so he did.  Lazarus awoke from death, walked out of the tomb, dropped his stinky grave-clothes and ran into the arms of his precious Jesus.

Weaver uses this bible story analogy to breathe life back into those who are not living the abundant life Jesus promised us. She writes “we live in graveyards filled with memories…..unfortunately, the coping mechanisms we embrace in order to manage our pain only reinforce the strongholds in our souls.”

This book is a wonderful tool to use in a quest to move out of the graveyards of regret and into the joyfilled life we are promised. Included with the book is a companion study guide.  This guide is helpful as Joanna challenges and encourages us to accept the love of our Father and allow the growth needed to step out of our stinky grave-clothes and into the life God has for us. Her words challenge each of us  to leave the graveyard of regret, drop those stinky grave-clothes (whatever they might be) and embrace the Saviors calling, “Arise! Go forth!”

***I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.