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In 1995, we stood in the hallway of a hospital 60 miles from home and listened as the surgeon explained that because of a ruptured appendix our ten year old daughter may never be able to conceive children.  I was heart sick.  Over the years, I worried and feared that she might never be able to have children of her own.  While I did pray for the surgeon to be wrong, the doctors words were always somewhere in the back of my mind.

Fast forward, fifteen years.  It was Christmas 2010, our daughter and husband shared with us that they were expecting.  She wanted to keep it quiet until she was twelve weeks.  While we were thanking God that she was pregnant, she sensed that perhaps something wasn’t right.  And a few weeks later, she called and what she feared had came true.  She was in the process of losing the baby.  They were devastated and so were we.  I have never walked the road of losing a baby, and I didn’t know how to help her journey through the grief.  I cried with her and prayed.  But most of the time felt very inadequate in how to help our daughter go through this.  Then there were the unspoken words and silent thoughts.  Why God, did you allow her to get pregnant and then lose the baby?  What if she can’t get pregnant again? And again, whispering in my mind were the words from the doctor in 1995.

Early in the fall of 2011, she went to the doctor again. He felt like everything looked good and if they weren’t pregnant by December, they would do additional tests. The weeks and days were inching closer to December. My husband and I had been diligently praying, pleading with the Lord. We prayed that if indeed there was damage from all those years ago, that He would heal and restore. Let her get pregnant again. Grant her and her husband’s wish to have a family. But December kept coming closer and to our knowledge no answers were coming. 

The weekend of Thanksgiving we were at the kids’ house. Our daughter was unusually emotional. At one point she and her Dad had harsh words, which left our daughter back in her bathroom crying.  I went in trying to soothe her damaged spirit. Sharing with her that I couldn’t understand what she had been through the last year and how sorry I was. She said to me, “You don’t understand.” And I didn’t. I couldn’t. It wasn’t something I had ever experience.  Little did we know there was more to the story and her emotions!

December came and still no change. Christmas was coming and I was thinking about the year before and the announcement. Unsure of how she would be able to handle the holidays and her own memories. 

Christmas arrived. Our five children, significant others and grandson were all home. Then came the time the presents were given and opened. Throughout the present exchange, there lay a gift with no name. I knew it came from our oldest daughter, but she said she couldn’t remember whose it was.  When all the presents were opened she realized it was for her Dad and me.  So, we opened it together. There at the bottom of the box lay a sonogram picture. I dropped the box, screamed, and hugged her while we both cried. When the whole family realized what it signified, we all cried. Our daughter stopped the celebration and said, “You didn’t read it. Pick it back up.”  Opening the box, it read:

Grandma and Grandpa,

We can’t wait to meet you July 26th!! But it could be as early as June, since we are coming together!!  Love, Baby A and Baby B!”

Even in writing this, I cry.  I cried for days after the announcement.  The years of fear and anxiety, the lost of the baby last year… look what our God did. The whisper in my mind had changed. Now there was a sweet whisper, God reassuring us that He is our Jehovah Rapha, “I am the God that Healeth Thee.”  It wasn’t the word of a surgeon from 1995; it was the words of our living God! And not only did he answer our prayers; he gave us exceeding abundantly more than we could ever ask for or imagine!     

****Our daughter called three weeks ago and announced that we are getting the best of both worlds! Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy.  We anxiously await the arrival of the precious gifts God has given our daughter, son in law and family!

I want to encourage those of you who are waiting for an answer to a prayer, whether it is for spiritual, physical or emotional healing! God is the God that Healeth thee! Precious one, Be Still! God hears you and your answer is coming.