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You just stumbled on this post, thinking it was by accident. When in reality it was destiny. You see, precious one….you are running! You are a prisoner to facets of this world! There is a void in your life. The guilt, hurt, shame or sorrow is becoming to much for you to acknowledge. So, you have poured yourself and energy into unhealthy habits or actions, thinking somehow that is the way to fill the emptiness.

Through one click, you have the opportunity to reach out to freedom. Through these written words, Jesus is speaking to you! You no longer have to live in your own private prison! He is calling you. Calling you to lay at his feet all your hurts, shame and sorrow. Can you feel His loving arms wrapped around you? He wants to heal your wounded soul. Listen, Jesus is whispering your name and saying…”I do not condemn you. Go on your way and from now on sin no more!” John 8:11 (Amplified)

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