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Easter celebrations are over.  For some people, today was spent cleaning. Throwing away the trash from Easter candy, washing extra bedding and towels, as well as reflecting over the time spent with family. Pastors and janitorial staff moved the extra chairs, reviewed the visitor’s cards and celebrated the numbers of who attended and/or who got baptized.

Then for others, it was back to life as usual.  Last evening was no different than the evening before. And today, certainly nothing has changed. Unlike Jesus followers from long ago, they haven’t recognized the risen Savior. Or their need of HIM. Despite the Resurrection celebration, His nail scarred hands and feet aren’t recognizable to them. The realization of what His shed blood did for their life hasn’t been comprehended.

What about YOU? DO. YOU. KNOW. HIM?

That’s My King! from Albert Martin on Vimeo.