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Good evening.  Can I be painstakingly honest with you tonight?  Yesterday, reading through Poetry in Motion I realized that once again a group was doing The Lazarus Experiment.

Briefly, this experiment is living as if we came back from the dead.  Our fearless leader, Ron has challenged us to do one thing each day to reflect our new life through Jesus. 

So, yesterday I sent a request to join the FB group and was well on my way to accept the challenge.  Last year, Live Like Laz was a wonderful experience for me, God met me in the challenge and removed the death of stench in some areas of my life.  There were times during those 40 days that I was doing the “happy dance.”  Yesterday, I fully expected the experience to be the same.  And then came today!

On my way out the door this morning, I heard the birds chirping and felt the wind on my cheeks. I expected it to be a “new life” type of day! But you know sometimes life happens. Even in coming back from the dead; LIFE. HAPPENS.

Today did not end up as a day filled with peace and serenity.  Mid way through the day…do I dare say this? Midway through the day, I just wanted to slap someone. Does anyone else ever feel that way? I know and you know that not only is that unhealthy behavior it is not the type of behavior we expect from one who is trying to live like Lazarus. But in the midst of that feeling, I really didn’t care. I just wanted to release some pent up frustration through a good slap! I didn’t though! I resisted the feeling and finished my day at the office.

On arriving home, I was intent on getting supper cooked and the evening started. I clicked into Praise and Worship music on Pandora and began to listen as Paul Baloche belted out “Hosanna.” Somewhere in the midst of the song, my focus changed. My eyes turned to Jesus and my heart was yearning for Him. Like the lyrics say, I had found the strength to face the day! And no longer did I feel like slapping someone! 🙂