Day three in my quest to Live like Laz. Since yesterday wasn’t a “stellar” type of day. This morning I determined to intentionally try to “be alive.” I don’t want the stench of death in my life. As much as I try though, sometimes the smell still seeps in. The foulness often comes through fear, anxiety, gossip, back biting, anger, negative thoughts, unforgiveness, etc. While striving to live in the moment, most importantly; I want to become a Woman after God’s own heart.

So, this morning I stopped on my way to work, clipped liliacs out of a bush on an abandoned lot. In the rain, no less!! Now, sitting on my desk they are a reminder to keep the foul attitudes and funking thoughts out of my life so that I can be a sweet aroma in someone elses life today!

Everywhere we go, people breathe in the exquisite fragrance. Because of Christ, we give off a sweet scent rising to God, which is recognized by those on the way of salvation—an aroma redolent with life. But those on the way to destruction treat us more like the stench from a rotting corpse. (2 Corn. 2: 15- 16 MSG)