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Can I share? Ok.  I just have to share this with you!!  I mean…right now! I am so excited, I am up past my bedtime.  In fact, I’m considering running out into the middle of 8th Street in my rural Kansas community and doing cartwheels! CartWheels! Ta Da!!

Well, that was a fleeting thought.  Age and common sense got ahold of me. One attempt at a cartwheel and not only would I be dizzy, chances are there would be a broken bone. (Or two)

Anyway, did I tell you I’m am just so stoked?  (I borrowed that term from my teenager!)  After two years of thinking about having my own website, six months of researching other sites and working with a friend on the graphics and pictures, my go to web guy, Steven is getting ready to launch the site this week! I am graduating from a blog to a website.  Whoot!! Whoot!!

Did I mention how eager I am to introduce you to the new site? There are some cool additions that I can’t wait to share with you.

  • This blog will be featured on the home page and starts with a series by guest authors titled…..Broken Bits. Mosaic Miracles. (Surprised? 🙂 )
  • Introduces you to my speaking topics and schedule
  • Shares information and updates about Mariposa Ministries
  • A special page ~ His House Mosaic Arts. Your chance to see Leah Garman’s amazing and annointed mosaic art work, as well as the opportunity to purchase pieces.

Did I tell you I am so stinking excited to share this with you?  Did I??

And now….Drum Roll, Please