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Opening the pages, my eyes moved slowly across the words as the thoughts began to process in my mind. I knew it was not by accident that I was reading it. Nor did it take me long to realize the reason this book was chosen for the Canadian Christian Writing Awards.

“More Questions than Answers,” by Eleanor Shepherd is certainly not a light read. It is a book rich with knowledge and full of encouragement on how to become a better listener and through skillful listening becoming better at not only sharing but discovering more about our own faith.

I am a communicator and after a few hard knocks, finally realized being a communicator isn’t as much about speaking and writing as it is about listening. Listening to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and to the heart cries of those whom we are ministering to. Realizing this, I have struggled with how to develop listening skills. Then Eleanor’s book was in my hands.

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