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Oops. I did it again!

Am I the only woman who gets committed to so many “things” that I end up not enjoying life? (And usually physically sick?) A few years back I read, “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World,”by Joanna Weaver.  Honestly, until that book I thought I had a Mary heart! Was I ever wrong!!

My life was cluttered with busyness that left me resentful, weary and anxious.  As this fall semester approached, I greeted it with a well defined to do list. I had once again cluttered my life with projects, writing one proposal after another, reading a book, working on homework, trips to see our children and numerous other commitments.  I had gotten so busy “doing” that I wasn’t just “being.“ I  quit sitting at the feet of Jesus and “being still.” I was beginning to become weary and resentful. Instead of being present in the moment, listening to others or spending much needed time seeking God, I was running around “like a chicken with my head cut off.”  I probably would still be in the “headless” state had it not been for my hubby. (Still amazes me when God uses my guy to speak truth into my life!)

Last week during a rare moment when I had actually stopped and listened to him, my hubby told me about the devotion he had read that morning.  He stated that it reminded him of me. Continuing on he said that in the study it talked about how we can get so busy doing other stuff, we end up not doing what God wants us to do! He added, “Gracie, you are this little woman who gets all these big things going!” I. Knew. He. Was. Right.  I had once again overcommitted, cluttering my life with unnecessary stuff.  And when that happens I don’t enjoy life, am short with those I love and miss those precious God moments.

I took my husband’s words to heart.  With his help, I am “cleaning out some closets and tearing down some walls.” I am prioritizing and shedding those activities and/or thoughts that do not fit into my life plan.  Most importantly, I have slowed down.  I am trying to “lead with my heart and follow in God’s steps.” Walking out of the house this morning, I took time to notice what a beautiful morning it was.  Taking the full hour for lunch, I open the front door and relished in the fact that I had a new screen door and could feel the fall air and hear my wind chimes through it.  I actually made supper this evening and sat still long enough to enjoy it! I am back to trying to be like Mary.  With God’s help and my hubby’s leading, at the feet of Jesus is where I intend to stay!

What about you girlfriend? Where are you at today, sitting at the feet of Jesus? Or like Martha (and I) have you cluttered your life with things that don’t matter?  

Uncluttered by Gwen Smith